Experience Digital Nomad Communities

Hub of international communities across the world focused around activities and meetups.

Nomad Republic is a platform that brings together digital nomads and international communities from around the globe. Its pillars are group activities and meetups, which are both perfect for finding your community and feeling included when living abroad.

After paying the initial contribution fee, you become a Resident. This will grant you access to all the Communities as well as all the external links mentioned in these Communities. You will also be able to join a dedicated WhatsApp chat with other Residents for each Community and one global chat.

The initial fee is $10 and it goes towards the future development of the platform.

The initial fee grants you access for a month. Then there are two ways to keep your Residency: becoming a Contributor by sharing and updating content, or contributing $5/month.

To become a Contributor, you need to gain 3 contribution points within your first month of joining. Each of the following actions count as 1 contribution point:

  • Creating a new Community
  • Adding an activity or get-together group to existing Communities
  • Updating any incorrect information

They can be performed multiple times. For example, creating 1 new Community and adding 2 activity groups to it grants the Contributor status.

The Contributor status is valid for a year. Making a Contribution during that year extends your Contributor status for a year from the date of your latest Contribution.

Want to say hi? Got an exciting idea to make this space better? Want to chat about communities? Contact us.