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Community Information [ edit ]

A community to

✨share business tips and tricks with each other
✨promote our businesses toward each other (and indirectly the networks we all have)
✨ network and collaborate on projects
✨ ask for business related support and mentorship
✨ offer barter or referral deals to each other
✨ .. you tell us what else could support you!

When you write something into the group for the first time, please introduce yourself and your business or profession.

What else to expect from mettaCOllective?

We will also bring the popular Open Coffee format from Lisbon/Cascais to Ericeira for you all on a monthly basis starting in May’23 And we will kick off our project to eatblish a lifestyle and entrepreneurship festival in Ericeira this summer too.


And if you want to take part in our monthly community activation events, then you can also join our other mettaCOllective group here:

The Lisbon community is very active on Meetup, which is great for events. There’s also a Slack group that has been gaining popularity recently as well as Facebook groups. There is another community in Costa da Caparica, which is a 20-minute drive from Lisbon, and another one in Ericeira.

Is there anything outdated or incorrect on this page? Any exciting groups you’d love to share with others? If so, simply update this page.

Continue reading for popular activity groups and newcomer events.

Where to Socialise as a Newcomer [ edit ]

Open Coffee Ericeira

Contributors [ edit ]

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  • Daniel H.
  • Rok S.
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