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Community Information [ edit ]

The international community on Koh Phangan offers a full range from conscious and spiritual groups on the west to mighty Full Moon Party crowds at the south. Most nomads and expats like to stay in the Srithanu area on the west or Thongsala for those who prefer a bigger-town vibe.

Although there’s no major centre for nomadic communities, there are many communities spread across the island, most of which are on the west. These communities are often centred around yoga and spiritual centres, gyms, and coworking spaces. Just turn up to one their events, almost everyone there will be welcoming, friendly, and in general happy to meet you and get you included. There are also several Facebook and WhatsApp groups that you can use as a starting point.

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Facebook [ edit ]

For general nomad matters join Koh Phangan Nomads Community and Koh Phangan Digital Nomads .

WhatsApp [ edit ]

Digital Nomads Koh Phangan

Join the exclusive Nomad Republic chat for Koh Phangan.

Interest Groups & Activities [ edit ]

Conscious Community & Yoga [ edit ]

Apart from the party scene, Koh Phangan is famous for its conscious, yoga, and spiritual crowds. Koh Phangan Conscious Community Facebook is a good starting point.

Many of these communities gather around centres like Orion Healing and AUM Sound Healing Center . Check their webs for upcoming events.

Parties & Events [ edit ]

To join others for parties, check the Party | DN Koh Phangan WhatsApp and Koh Phangan Parties & Events Facebook.

If you already have your party crowd, apart from the widely-known Full Moon Parties, some special party include Eden Garden and Hollystone Phangan . To get to the mighty Eden, you go by a taxi boat from Haad Rin. There’s no road there and the best time to be there is for the sunrise (yes sunrise, not sunset).

Hiking [ edit ]

Koh Phangan Hiking & Fitness Facebook

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