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Las Palmas

Gran Canaria, Spain
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Community Information [ edit ]

The Las Palmas community centre is the “Live It Up, Las Palmas” project, which has a website and a Slack community . There are also several Facebook groups.

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Live It Up, Las Palmas [ edit ]

Check the Live It Up, Las Palmas web .

Slack [ edit ]

Fill this form to get access to the Live It Up, Las Palmas Slack group.

Facebook [ edit ]

WhatsApp [ edit ]

Join the exclusive Nomad Republic chat for Las Palmas.

Where to socialise as a newcomer [ edit ]

Weekly nomad meetups:

  • Bar San Remo every Tuesday
  • Ibex Rooftop on Wednesdays

Details about both can be found in the #social_free-meetups-dinners-drinks Slack channel.

Interest Groups & Activities [ edit ]

Las Palmas is the place for surfing, beach volleyball, and hiking. Join one of the activity groups below to participate!

Surfing [ edit ]

The south part of the Las Canteras Beach is the main surfing spot. Just head down to the beach and join the surfing crowd — most of them are nomads and internationals.

If you’re a beginner or want to further enhance you surfing skills, join one of the many surfing schools there, which is also a great way to meet other surfers.

Pro tip: Go to Slack and search for “surf” in #introductions, then arrange a surfing session directly with the fellow nomads.

Beach volleyball [ edit ]

Hiking [ edit ]

There are various hiking groups. Most often, hikes happen on the weekends.

Meet for Drinks or Dinner [ edit ]

  • #social_free-meetups-dinners-drinks on Slack

Contributors [ edit ]

  • Rok S.
  • Daniel H.
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