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Community Information [ edit ]

The Lisbon community is very active on Meetup, which is great for events. There’s also a Slack group that has been gaining popularity recently as well as Facebook groups. There is another community in Costa da Caparica, which is a 20-minute drive from Lisbon, and another one in Ericeira.

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Meetup [ edit ]

Slack [ edit ]

The Lisbon Digital Nomads group has a Slack space, which is the centre for the day-to-day communication. You can join it here .

Facebook [ edit ]

The biggest group on Facebook is Lisbon Digital Nomads & Expats . The communication there can get quite cluttered, so it’s recommended to use the Slack space, which is more organised.

WhatsApp [ edit ]

Join the exclusive Nomad Republic chat for Lisbon.

Where to Socialise as a Newcomer [ edit ]

Interest Groups & Activities [ edit ]

Lisbon is a great place for city life, hiking, and surf. Join one of the activity groups below to participate!

Hiking [ edit ]

Surfing [ edit ]

Popular surf spots around Lisbon are Costa da Caparica, Cascais, and Ericeira, which all are 20–40-minute drive from the centre. To join existing nomad surf groups, check the information on their respective community pages.

  • Costa da Caparica community
  • Ericeira community

Running [ edit ]

Running Tuesday with Lisbon Digital Nomads group from 7.30pm. The whole year. Follow the link for upcoming runs.

Padel [ edit ]

Padel is organised via this Telegram group with several hundred players. To play, book directly with the bot in the chat.

Yoga [ edit ]

See the #sports channel in the Slack community.

Startups [ edit ]

Future Founders organise fortnightly entrepreneur gatherings. You can find upcoming events on their Meetup group .

Open Coffee Lisbon is a friendly informal morning networking event for entrepreneurs, professionals, expats, people in the startup community, and students in Lisbon. You may find a mentor, investor, client, co founder, employer, vendor, inspiration or a friend.

Innovation Scene Portugal has event listing page here .

Mindfulness [ edit ]

Mindful habits community organises regular online meditations and offline get togethers.

Meet for Drinks or Dinner [ edit ]

Local News & Events [ edit ]

Lisbon Community Events newsletter [ edit ]

News about community events in and around Lisbon, and interviews with community leaders who are doing something for the local community. You can read the newsletter here .

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